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What is an Auxiliary Service in STAFLEET?

A group of members may find itself wanting to organize along the lines of a common interest shared amongst its members, that grow beyond local Chapters or are otherwise not served by that structure. In order to facilitate such groups, they are given the opportunity to form an Auxiliary Service of STARFLEET. An Auxiliary Service is a faction within STARFLEET that offers members a new service or focus area but is still integrated within the Command Hierarchy of STARFLEET itself. This means that while this group has its own unique (if need be) structure, it still is ultimately responsible to the larger SFI organization. If a group of like-minded Fleet members are interested in joining into such an Auxiliary Service, the first step would be to contact the DAS with a proposal. The DAS can start the Auxiliary Service process and assist in the administration, as needed.

Each of  the STARFLEET Auxiliary Services report to the Director of Auxiliary Services (DAS). All Services must file a monthly report, due on the first of each month.

All Auxiliary Services must add to the SFI experience, not serve as a replacement to the parent organization. Should an Auxiliary Service gain significant membership/adoption, the DAS can request the specific department be codified in the next revision of this Membership Handbook (MHB). As these are codified in the MHB, and thus ratified by the Admiralty Board, they are approved member services offered directly to the member – thus no director or officer can obstruct the delivery of these services.

Though Auxiliary Services get more exposure through being more tightly integrated with STARFLEET itself, if a subgroup is smaller in scale and aim to stay that way, there is no need to become an Auxiliary Service — though they are able to explore that option with the DAS at any time. There are many “unofficial” groups throughout STARFLEET, and some may serve as the cradle for future Auxiliary Services.