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Propose a new Service

All STARFLEET Auxiliary Services (SFAS) must provide the members and/or the organization a valuable service. That service can be a specific focus area, with structured communication to enable camaraderie in our fandom. It can be a literal service to the members, or a bit of both. They will never be an alternative to SFI as a whole or in part. All are SFI members first and foremost, before any SFAS involvement.

A SFAS is bigger than just a discussion group on a social media platform. SFAS’s will reach out on multiple platforms, and have a web portal to centralize communication. It will have leadership approved and/or appointed by the Director of Auxiliary Services, who focus on enabling communication and organization for the given service’s focus area.

As such no proposals involving the following will be entertained:
  • Religious in nature
  • Political Affiliation of any kind
  • Secretive or Exclusive of  members in any way
  • Otherwise contrary to the vision, goals and values of STARFLEET
What can become an Auxiliary Service?

An Auxiliary Service is a faction within STARFLEET that offers members a new service
or focus area but is still integrated within the Command Hierarchy of STARFLEET itself. This means
that while this group has its own unique (if need be) structure, it still is ultimately responsible to the
larger SFI organization.

Any concept that could span across the FLEET and:
  • Bring a new service to the organization and/or its members
  • Introduce a new focus area for members, in keeping with the ideals of STARFLEET and Star Trek
  • Incubate other department concepts (as needed, and directed by the Commander, STARFLEET)


Have an idea for a new STARFLEET Auxiliary Service?
Submit a proposal via our online form to the Director of SFAS!